ING Aria Lion Dynamic R EUR/  LU1693141951  /

NAV8/11/2022 Chg.+0.3000 Type of yield Investment Focus Investment company
123.1400EUR +0.24% paying dividend Mixed Fund Worldwide ING Solutions IM 

Investment goal

The objective of the Sub-Fund is to seek exposure to equities and to a lesser extent, to bonds and money market instruments, primarily via open-ended UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) / UCIs (Undertakings for Collective Investment). The Sub-Fund is allowed to seek exposure directly and indirectly to equities, bonds and money market instruments. The aim of this Sub-Fund is to provide long-term capital growth while seeking performance linked primarily to the equities, with moderate exposure to bonds and money market instruments. The purpose of the Sub-Fund is limited to passive investment in, and administration of, assets on behalf of investors, i.e. any active entrepreneurial management of the assets is excluded. The Sub-Fund foresees principally to invest in UCITS/UCIs domiciled in member states of the European Union.

Master data

Type of yield: paying dividend
Funds Category: Mixed Fund
Region: Worldwide
Branch: Mixed Fund/Focus Equity
Benchmark: -
Business year start: 1/1
Last Distribution: -
Depository bank: CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
Fund domicile: Luxembourg
Distribution permission: Germany
Fund manager: -
Fund volume: -
Launch date: 4/14/2020
Investment focus: -


Issue surcharge: 5.00%
Max. Administration Fee: 2.00%
Minimum investment: - EUR
Deposit fees: -
Redemption charge: 0.00%
Ongoing charges (2/1/2021): 2.52%
Key Investor Information: Download (Print version)

Investment company

Funds company: ING Solutions IM
Address: Place de la Gare, 26, 1616, Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg