3/28/2023  1:00:33 PM Chg. -1.10 Volume Bid1:08:36 PM Ask1:08:36 PM Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
96.60CHF -1.13% 2,066
Turnover: 202,901.50
96.30Bid Size: 6 96.40Ask Size: 61 472.88 mill.CHF 0.00% 7.16

Business description

Sensirion Holding AG, headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems and founded in 1998 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. The product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure sensors and environmental sensors for the measurement of humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5). An international network with sales offices in the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea supplies international customers with standard and custom sensor system solutions for a vast range of applications. Sensirion sensors can commonly be found in the medical, industrial, automotive and consumer end markets.The headquarters in Switzerland is responsible for research, development, and production. Sensirion sensors can commonly be found in the medical, industrial and automotive sectors, analytical instruments, consumer goods and HVAC products. One of the hallmark features of Sensirion products is the use of its patented CMOSens® Technology, which permits intelligent system integration of the sensor element, logic, calibration data and a digital interface on a single chip.

Management board & Supervisory board

Dr. Marc von Waldkirch
Management board
Matthias Gantner, Dr. Andrea Orzati, Dr. Johannes Bleuel, Dr. Johannes Schumm, Heiko Lambach
Supervisory board
Anja König, Dr. Felix Mayer, Dr. Moritz Lechner, François Gabella, Franz Studer, Heinrich Fischer, Ricarda Demarmels

Company data

Name: Sensirion Holding AG
Address: Laubisrütistrasse 50,CH-8712 Stäfa
Phone: +41-44-3064000
Fax: -
E-mail: info@sensirion.com
Internet: https://www.sensirion.com/de/
Industry: Technology
Sector: Other Technology Industries
Sub sector: -
End of financial year: 12/31
Free Float: -
IPO date: 3/22/2018

Investor relations

Name: Matthias Gantner
IR phone: +41-44-9271140
IR Fax: -
IR e-mail: matthias.gantner@sensirion.com

Company calendar

CW 20 | 5/15/2023 General Shareholder Meeting
CW 34 | 8/23/2023 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months

Main Shareholders

Moritz Lechner; Felix Mayer; Fondation des Fondateurs; 7-Industries Holding B.V.; EGS Beteiligungen AG; Sensirion Holding AG
Gottlieb Knoch, Zug
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
Davent Holding AG