iShares Core MSCI Europe UCITS ETF MXN Hedged (Acc)/  IE00BL4KKW48  /

NAV9/29/2023 Chg.+3.1704 Type of yield Investment Focus Investment company
854.8122MXN +0.37% reinvestment Equity Europe BlackRock 

Investment goal

The Share Class is a share class of a Fund which aims to achieve a return on your investment, through a combination of capital growth and income on the Fund’s assets, which reflects the return of the MSCI Europe Index, the Fund’s benchmark index. The Share Class, via the Fund, aims to invest so far as possible and practicable in the equity securities (e.g. shares) that make up the benchmark index. The benchmark index measures the performance of large and mid capitalisation companies across developed European countries. The benchmark index is freefloated adjusted market capitalisation index. Free float-adjusted means that only shares available to international investors, rather than all of a company’s issued shares, are used in calculating the benchmark index. The Fund uses optimising techniques to achieve a similar return to its benchmark index. The investment manager may use financial derivative instruments (FDIs) (i.e. investments the prices of which are based on one or more underlying assets) to help achieve the Fund’s investment objective.

Master data

Type of yield: reinvestment
Funds Category: Equity
Region: Europe
Branch: -
Benchmark: -
Business year start: -
Last Distribution: -
Depository bank: State Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
Fund domicile: Ireland
Distribution permission: Switzerland
Fund manager: -
Fund volume: -
Launch date: 12/11/2019
Investment focus: -


Issue surcharge: -
Max. Administration Fee: 0.17%
Minimum investment: - MXN
Deposit fees: -
Redemption charge: -
Ongoing charges (12/10/2019): 0.00%
Key Investor Information: -

Investment company

Funds company: BlackRock
Address: -
Country: unknown
Internet: -