iBonds® Dec 2026 Term Muni Bond ETF/  US46435U2592  /

NAV9/25/2023 Chg.-0.0670 Type of yield Investment Focus Investment company
24.8605USD -0.27% paying dividend Special Type BlackRock 

Master data

Type of yield: paying dividend
Funds Category: Special Type
Branch: -
Benchmark: -
Business year start: -
Last Distribution: -
Depository bank: -
Fund domicile: United States of America
Distribution permission: United States of America
Fund manager: -
Fund volume: -
Launch date: 4/2/2019
Investment focus: -


Issue surcharge: -
Max. Administration Fee: -
Minimum investment: - USD
Deposit fees: -
Redemption charge: -
Key Investor Information: -

Investment company

Funds company: BlackRock
Address: -
Country: unknown
Internet: -