Investment companies

Name Funds Country
Swiss Life AM FR 10 France
Swiss Life AM LU 57 Luxembourg
Swiss Life KVG 2 Germany
Swiss Rock AM 15 Switzerland
Swisscanto AM Int. 288 Luxembourg
Swisscanto Fondsl. 788 Switzerland
Sycomore AM 29 France
Syd Fund Management 10 Denmark
Symbiotics 1 United Kingdom
Syquant Capital 20 France
Systematica Investm. 1 -
T.Rowe Price M. (LU) 220 United States of America
Tabula Investment M. 12 United Kingdom
Takarék Alapkezelő Zrt. 2 unknown
Tata 1 unknown
Tatra AM 5 Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
The Perth Mint Australia 1 unknown
Threadneedle Inv. S. 131 United Kingdom
Threadneedle M. (LU) 635 Luxembourg
Tikehau IM 6 France