Investment companies

Name Funds Country
Stone Harbor Inv. P. 2 United States of America
Structured Invest 84 Luxembourg
Superfund 19 Austria
Superfund TFI 1 Poland
Swiss Fin.&Prop.Fds. 11 Switzerland
Swiss Life AM 49 Switzerland
Swiss Life AM FR 9 France
Swiss Life AM LU 112 Luxembourg
Swiss Life KVG 2 Germany
Swiss Rock AM 18 Switzerland
Swisscanto AM Int. 303 Luxembourg
Swisscanto Fondsl. 770 Switzerland
Sycomore AM 36 France
Syd Fund Management 4 Denmark
Symbiotics 1 United Kingdom
Syquant Capital 27 France
Systematica Investm. 1 United Kingdom
T.Rowe Price M. (LU) 366 United States of America
Takarék Alapkezelő Zrt. 2 unknown
Tata 1 unknown