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NAV1/26/2023 Chg.+1.3757 Type of yield Investment Focus Investment company
2,364.1648MXN +0.06% reinvestment Bonds J.P. Morgan Asset Management 

Investment goal

The Sub-Fund seeks to provide an exposure to the performance of US Dollar-denominated fixed rate government bonds issued by the US Treasury with a maturity of less than one year. The Sub-Fund is an Index Tracking Sub-Fund. The Sub-Fund aims to track the performance of the Index (or such other index determined by the Directors from time to time as being able to track substantially the same market as the Index), as closely as possible, regardless of whether the Index level rises or falls, while seeking to minimise as far as possible the tracking error between the Sub-Fund's performance and that of the Index. The Index consists of US Dollar-denominated fixed rate government bonds that have been issued by the US Treasury with a maturity of less than one year. The Index is market capitalisation weighted and rebalances on a monthly basis, as referred to under ""Index Tracking Risk"" in the Prospectus. Further details on the Index, including its components and performance, are available at The Sub-Fund is not a money market fund and is not subject to the special regulatory requirements (including maturity and credit quality constraints) designed to enable money market funds to maintain a stable share price. The Sub-Fund may, for efficient portfolio management, use financial derivative instruments. USD is the base currency of the Sub-Fund.

Master data

Type of yield: reinvestment
Funds Category: Bonds
Branch: -
Benchmark: -
Business year start: -
Last Distribution: -
Depository bank: Brown Brothers Harriman Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited
Fund domicile: Ireland
Distribution permission: Switzerland, Ireland, Virgin Islands (British)
Fund manager: -
Fund volume: -
Launch date: 11/19/2019
Investment focus: -


Issue surcharge: -
Max. Administration Fee: 0.12%
Minimum investment: - MXN
Deposit fees: -
Redemption charge: -
TER: 0.12%
Key Investor Information: -

Investment company

Funds company: J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Address: -
Country: unknown
Internet: -