11/26/2021  5:29:57 PM Chg. -44.30 Volume Bid5:55:00 PM Ask5:55:00 PM Market Capitalization Dividend Y. P/E Ratio
1,964.20GBX -2.21% 978,562
Turnover(GBP): 19.07 mill.
-Bid Size: - -Ask Size: - 41.32 bill.GBP - -

Business description

BHP is a world-leading resources company. The group extracts and processes minerals, oil and gas, primarily in Australia and the Americas. The products are sold worldwide, with sales and marketing led through Singapore and Houston, United States. The global headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. BHP operates under a Dual Listed Company structure with two parent companies (BHP Group Limited and BHP Group Plc) operated as if we were a single economic entity, run by a unified Board and management. The group is among the world’s top producers of major commodities, including iron ore, metallurgical coal and copper. It also has substantial interests in oil, gas and energy coal.

Management board & Supervisory board

Mike Henry
Management board
David Lamont, Athalie Williams, Caroline Cox, Edgar Basto, Geraldine Slattery, Johan van Jaarsveld, Laura Tyler, Ragnar Udd, Vandita Pant
Supervisory board
Ken MacKenzie, Anita Frew (bis 14.10.2021), Christine O’Reilly, Dion Weisler, Gary Goldberg, Ian Cockerill, John Mogford, Malcolm Broomhead, Mike Henry, Stefanie Wilkinson, Susan Kilsby (bis 14.10.2021), Terry Bowen, Xiaoqun Clever

Company data

Name: BHP Group plc
Address: Neathouse Place,UK-London, SW1V 1BH
Phone: +44-20-7802-4000
Fax: +44-20-7802-4111
E-mail: -
Internet: www.bhpbilliton.com
Industry: Commodities
Sector: Mining and Metals
Sub sector: -
End of financial year: 6/30
Free Float: -
IPO date: -

Investor relations

Name: Tristan Lovegrove
IR phone: +44-20-7802-4131
IR Fax: -
IR e-mail: -

Company calendar

CW 8 | 2/15/2022 Interim Report 2nd Quarter/6 Months
CW 34 | 8/16/2022 4th Quarter/Annual Report

Main Shareholders

HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited; Citibank NY ADR DEP
Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd
National Nominees Limited